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PLAIN 2023 has organized several cultural activities in Buenos Aires. The cost of these activities is included in your conference registration.

Limited spots available.


Guided Tour - Teatro Colón

Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires is one of the most important opera houses in the world. Its rich and prestigious history and its exceptional acoustics and architectural features rank it among theaters such as Teatro alla Scala in Milan, the Paris Opera House, the Vienna State Opera, the Royal Opera House in London, and the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.

plaza de mayo.jpg

Free Tour - Plaza de Mayo

Plaza de Mayo is encircled by stunning historic structures. This tour encourages you to delve into the city's historic heart and discover iconic buildings like the Cabildo, the Cathedral, the Government House, the House of Culture, and the Manzana de las Luces, among many other captivating attractions.


Guided Tour - Teatro Colón Fábrica

Teatro Colón opens the doors of a wonderful world for you to discover the magic that beats behind the scenes. An experience in which you will be able to discover the great productions that came out of the workshops of one of the few factory theaters in the world, where everything that is needed for a program of excellence can be created and made: scenery, costumes, wigs, shoes, special effects.


Free Tour - La Boca

The origins of this neighborhood trace back to 1536 with the arrival of Pedro de Mendoza and the first foundation of the city. However, it found its distinctive character in the late 19th century, primarily due to the vibrant Italian immigrant community, predominantly hailing from Genoa. Come and enjoy these cobbled streets filled with the magic of the great Benito Quinquela Martín.


Free Tour - Recoleta

Many describe strolling through Recoleta as akin to crossing the Atlantic Ocean and traveling thousands of kilometers to experience a brief European interlude, particularly in Paris. With its enchanting architecture, embassies, and art galleries, this neighborhood beckons exploration and offers endless enjoyment.

Bus turístico.jfif

Tourist Bus

From the tourist bus, you'll be able to appreciate panoramic views of historic landmarks and cultural spaces. It's also a great way to immerse yourself in unique neighborhoods. Some of the highlights you can enjoy include Congress Square, Avenida de Mayo, Paseo de la Historieta, San Telmo, La Bombonera, La Boca and Caminito, Costanera Sur, Puerto Madero, Galerías Pacífico, San Martín Square, Thays Park and the Floralis Genérica, MALBA (Museum of Latin American Art), the Planetarium, the Monumento de los Españoles, and the Museum of Fine Arts.

Museo de la Ciudad.jpg

City Museum

The museum's collection consists of items that were part of the daily life of Buenos Aires residents and those who visited the city. It encompasses architectural decorations, historical city and iconic building plans, furniture, and utensils from the Estrella Pharmacy, founded in 1834 and operating at this location since 1901. Additionally, it houses a photographic and negative archive containing portions of significant city archives (such as Parks and Promenades, the Amateur Photographers Association, Caras y Caretas magazine, etc.), the Beare Cadastre from 1860-1870 (the only original cadastre of the City of Buenos Aires), and the architectural complex made up of various historical headquarters. These buildings hold immense historical value as they represent some of the earliest examples of domestic architecture in Buenos Aires. Their restoration efforts have resulted in the creation of an urban archaeology collection

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